Our Planning Services:
Our close partnership with you doesn’t stop with research and analysis. Our planning services will develop strategies and action plans to position you for maximum success. We help you get where you want to be - faster and with less headaches - by identifying potential hurdles and providing practical solutions before you commit to significant dollars.
Strategic Planning 
SPM Consulting we develop comprehensive, reality-based, accountable, action oriented strategic plans across many varied industries and business situations.
Here are the key things you should expect from a our Strategic Planning consultant:
1. Providing a Process –SPM Consultants we provide an effective process to analyze and understand the organization, its competitive position and a method for developing solutions.
2. Asking Probing, Challenging Questions – To maintain the integrity of the strategic planning process and prevent it from becoming a token effort, the consultant needs to ask tough questions. Answering these questions may sometimes be uncomfortable, even personal, but they shed light on the key reasons for the company’s lack of performance.


3. Challenging the Status-Quo – The company’s performance cannot be improved if the status-quo is never challenged and management is not willing to discuss, let alone implement, change.
4. Conducting an Honest Assessment – Consultants should call it as they see it. They must openly discuss organizational, individual or group weaknesses with the executives. It is the consultant’s professional obligation to conduct a candid assessment and report the results.
Difficult issues must be discussed with management and the need for real change explained if Strategic Planing is to be successful and impact the company’s future. Leaving sensitive issues unaddressed weakens the organization, and prevents it from finding real solutions.

5. Keeping What Works – Of course, every business has its own strengths. As consultant we recognize these strengths and focus on preserving the successful elements of the business.

6. Identifying What Doesn’t Work – The consultant must deliver objective information about the company’s weaknesses and what’s not working.  Addressing these weaknesses becomes an integral part of the strategic planning process.
Some weaknesses may need to get corrected, others simply limit the number of strategic options available to the company.

7. Doing Analysis and Being Involved – It our consultant’s responsibility to develop a sound understanding of the client’s business as well as the company’s organization. This insight is important to properly evaluate the business and recommend ways for improvement.
In addition, we enhances the strategic planning team, working right alongside with management, carrying out market research, doing analysis, formulating and evaluating strategic options, creating financial projections, and so on.

8. Linking Strategy with Execution – The purpose of Strategic Planning is not to create a thick, impressive looking document that sits on the bookshelf, but to develop a detailed action plan for achieving growth that is ready for execution.

 As a strategic planning consultant we help a startup that’s lacking certain expertise and management skills. At the same time, an established company can benefit from a strategic planning consultant as well. The consultant brings a fresh perspective and can shake up the status quo by addressing the issues that have long been ignored or neglected
Action/Operational Planning 
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