Project Design and Proposal Writing
SPM provides specialist services to help NGOs Companies and Government design development projects in health, education, economic development, rural development, governance improvement and so on. We play the role of a facilitator in the design process where all stakeholders, in particular the implementing agencies, play the anchor role. 

Project Appraisal
We conduct project appraisal for Organizations, Companies and Government and development partners. We look at the relevance, feasibility and sustainability of the project while appraising a project. SPM  has strong professional competencies to conduct project and program appraisal in social and livelihood sectors. 

Project Implementation Planning
SPM has strong expertise in conceptualizing a project document into an operational plan, commonly called as Project Implementation Plan (PIP)/ Project Operation Plan (POP) preparation. It uses Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) and spells out expected results, performance indicators, and implementations methods, and pin points responsibility centers / positions, timeframe and reporting structures. The PIP document works as a guide for project implementation, monitoring and reporting on results. 
 Cost & Schedule Management

Project Review & Recovery

Project Mangement 
Program Management
We provide professional project management services to a number of clients .
We deliver value for money by providing the highest standards of project management, utilising our experienced project managers to realise business benefits and deliver projects to time, cost and quality.
knowledge base we have are fundamental understanding of the key drivers of our clients.
We pride ourselves on providing a tailored program management service that assists our clients in establishing their options, defining their program needs and managing project delivery – we become your trusted advisor.
We have an excellent reputation for successfully delivering programs on time, on budget and maintaining required quality standards.