Organizational and Company Development
Capacity Development and Training
SPM Consultants we strives to develop and mobilize knowledge, expertise and abilities to support Organizational sustainable development. and Company business development.
We specialize in strategic planning and governance mechanisms for Programs and Projects monitoring and management. Our expertise extends beyond formed objective concerns to encompass social, cultural and economic dimensions of organizational resource development and management. Our experience encompasses certified intervention of projects and business, forming partnerships with local organizations and international consultants and companies.
We complement our collaborative approach with innovative applications of standardized frameworks and system, technology, including participatory, information management systems, mapping, situational and data analysis.
  1. Management and Leadership Development:
    Apply exemplary inclusive leadership and management practices and tools that enable their people and organization to achieve their goals in support of MIT’s mission.
  2. Team Effectiveness:
    Develop high-performing teams that achieve their goals by valuing an inclusive approach and leveraging diverse constituencies and perspectives.
  3. Strategic Planning:
    Develop strategic plans through an inclusive process that creates a clear road map to achievable goals and measurable outcomes.
  4. Change Management
    Provide consulting during organization change efforts that enable leaders and groups to plan and implement significant changes.
  5. Talent Development
    Apply tools, strategies, and best practices in performance development and workforce planning to engage, develop, and recognize MIT’s diverse staff.
  6. Retreat Design and Facilitation:
    Create the tone and approach for leadership teams, committees, and cross-Institute groups to achieve actionable results based on a clear set of goals.
  7. Problem Solving and Team Building
    After identifying the problem as being employee-driven or due to the business model, will then be responsible for developing a solution. Using learned methods in organizational planning and group dynamics, SPM will develop and implement team building skills between employees and the management team.
  8. Organizational Assessment
    Through observation, research, and interviews, an organizational development SPM consultant analyzes the corporate culture of a company. In doing so, will determine whether the parts are working together as a whole