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Some benefits of hiring a Project Management Consultant include:
Return on investment: Consultants add value by using their skills and expertise to help deliver an outcome, solution, service or mitigate risk that provides a meaningful ‘return on investment’ to a client.
Speed: Since consultants are already experienced and trained they can be deployed rapidly – sometimes within days as opposed to weeks or months. Their experience means they can engage promptly with the situation, and can quickly become effective in the client organisation
Expertise: Project Management Consultants typically come into an organization at a relatively senior level and are expected to provide expertise and leadership
Objectivity: Since they come from outside the client organization they are unencumbered by company politics or culture, and can provide a fresh perspective.
Accountability: Project Management Consultants are not simply advisors. They are also practitioners and will take responsibility for and manage a project or programme.
Effectiveness: Ideally, in order to be effective, a PM consultants will need to work well with senior management in the client company and also be granted some authority and credibility to effect significant change or transition within a company.
Commitment: PM consultants should maintain high professional standards. They rely on their reputation and know that future work relies upon referrals and a successful track record.